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andy-0101 My name in Andrew Abraham. I have been investing in commodities and managed futures since 1994. I adhere to the philosophy of trend following. Trend following stresses a disciplined approach to commodity/ futures trading. Successful trend following and commodity futures investing requires patience, discipline and actively managing the risk. What sets me apart from other traders is that I am not only concerned about the return on investment but how much risk I will have to tolerate to achieve my goals.

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If you are interested in contacting for speaking engagements. Please email me at or call 954 903 0638.

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Futures and commodity trading involve substantial risk. The evaluations of futures and commodities may fluctuate and as a result, clients may lose more than their original investment. In no event should the content of this website be construed as an express or an implied promise, guarantee or implication by, that you will profit, or that losses can or will be limited in any manner whatsoever. Past results are no indication of future performance. Information provided on this website is intended solely for informative purposes and is obtained from sources believed to be reliable. Information is in no way guaranteed. No guarantee of any kind is implied or possible, where projections of future conditions are attempted.



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Trend Following Predictions for 2011

I wanted to share with all my fellow readers and trend followers my trend following or market predictions for 2011. It is almost funny I have been posed the question ” What are my predictions for 2011″,Successful trend followers know we never predict, we react, we do not guess, we know we have no idea! […]

Financial Day of Reckoning For The US Economy

First we had a housing crisis which some traders made fortunes by betting against the obvious. Meredith Whitney spoke to 60 minutes and brought out another obvious outcome. The financial day of reckoning for the US economy seems to be the fallout of pensions & the failures of local & state Governments. We all know […]

History Always Repeat itself with Manias & Panics.

History always repeats itself however with some slight variations at times. The reason history repeats in all facets of life is that as human beings we hardly change. It is all about Fear, Greed and not wanting to be different ( follow the crowd). I am sure many will dispute that but I am referring […]

Trend Followers Profit in All Types of Economies

Trend Followers simply take advantage of price trends. These price trends can be inflationary or deflationary. There never is a prediction rather just following the direction of the trend. It is just that simple. Many times people like to convolute issues or over complicate. There are only 4 potential outcomes….Big losses ( which trend followers […]

Trend Following Thoughts to Internalize

Trend following is really not for everyone. Most people like to be sheep or cattle and just follow the crowd. If their friends are investing in a certain manner they feel obligated. Trend followers are a different mind set. Many of the most successful trend followers such as Jerry Parker, Liz Cheval, Tom Shanks, Dave […]

Larry Hite Famous Trend Follower

You can not take information… you need to process that information …and got to think that most information by most opinions must be suspect. Larry Hite Larry Hite is one of the most successful trend followers. He and Ed Seykota have been called the father of system trading. He became one of the largest in […]

Trend Following & Compounding Money Over the Decades

The goal of trend following is to compound money over time. Too many think that trend following a basket of commodities is easy and just full of profits. More so we have a saying in the office that many think that commodity trading is retirement in a box. So often you see advertisements for trading […]

Want to Lose Money When Trend Following- Try Curve Fitting

The real world of trend following and trading can not be easily replicated when doing all types of computer testing. One of the biggest mistakes is trying to curve fit. Curve fitting means that you change parameters for each market you are trading. In order to succeed in trend following you need a simple robust […]

The Reality of Trend Following

Too many investors think they are entitled to returns and making money. They do not realize how much work must go into trend following. A simple example is this actual reality. Over the last several days I have had signals ranging from OJ to Canadian dollars and even more to put on trades. You start […]

Spain Too Big to Fail Too Big To Save

Watch this video to get a better picture of what is really happening in Spain. Will the EU need to bail out Spain?