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andy-0101 My name in Andrew Abraham. I have been investing in commodities and managed futures since 1994. I adhere to the philosophy of trend following. Trend following stresses a disciplined approach to commodity/ futures trading. Successful trend following and commodity futures investing requires patience, discipline and actively managing the risk. What sets me apart from other traders is that I am not only concerned about the return on investment but how much risk I will have to tolerate to achieve my goals.

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The Road To ( Economic) Hell

Pretty strong words were used by the prime minister of the Czech Republic,Mirek Topolanek regarding Obama’s economic plans. Mr. Topolanek holds the EU’s six-month rotating presidency. He believes that the European Union governments must avoid the type of spending ( $2 Trillion dollars) to get out of the current recession ( Depression?). His views were not widely accepted by his colleagues. Is it that Mr. Topolanek is just going through a rough time personally since he was ousted by his own parliament after a losing a no confidence vote on Tuesday?

What Comes After a Trillion

The innocence and knowledge of a child is sometimes much more clearer than our insights. My young daughter asked me what comes after a Trillion dollars. My son answered a Zillion. I had to interject and add that does not exist ( yet). Maybe U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner will invite a new number the way he is going.

Growing Displeasure with Obama’s Spending?

Very clearly there was extreme dissatisfaction over big bonuses paid by firms bailed out with U.S. taxpayer money. Is it hard to understand why when people are losing their jobs, houses or even hope. It is ironic when a salary of $100k is considered a great salary for someone in Iowa and bonuses in the $100 of thousands or even millions were given to incompentents.

Feeling Squeezed? Bernanke Squeeze Doll to the Rescue

Take out your feelings on Ben with the bernanke squeeze doll.

Roubini and Taleb Discuss the Economic Crisis

Nouriel Roubini and Nassim Taleb (“Dr Doom and the Black Swan”) discuss the crisis –and what to do about it.

Tent Cities Of Newly Poor & Homeless On The Rise In The US

What words can describe the current situation? Fear…Dispair… Disbelief..Hopelessness…? I am sure not everyone feels these feelings…but I would tend to believe a great many do. People are afraid of losing their jobs and with good reason. Many people are only a paycheck or two away from default. The mood of the country is surely down. Amplifying the mood has been all the expressed anger about bailing out banks and financial institutions that made poor decisions. Putting salt on the wound was the bonus-paying spree to the incompetents at insurance giant AIG and Fannie. Now billions of dollars are being promised to the auto industry. Where does it end? Will this really help the economy or is it another bailout where those who asked for bailouts came in their private jets.

More Bonuses For Failure-Freddie Mae & Fannie Mae

It is almost like the movie Jaws, once you think you can go back in the water the Great White Shark appears again. We are experiencing virtually the same situation in bonuses paid out for ineptitude. It seemed very clear there was a backlash…an outrage at the bonuses given to AIG employees who single handly destroyed a major company and almost the the US economy now Fannie Mae is giving bonuses as well. The difference is the linguistics. They are calling them “Retention Payouts”. Unfortunately failure is being rewarded again. I forgot the shares of Fannie Mae only went from $35.50 down to yesterdays .80 cents. That is a great reason to retain these employees.

Can Obama Maintain His Approval Rating?

Do you remember the statement.. It is the economy,Stupid…Maybe the same words are effecting President Obama’s approval ratings. They are slipping as Americans are worried about the economy. Obamaג€™s approval rating slipped to 59 percent from 64 percent last month. All in all Americans still generally support Obamaג€™s handling of the economy, more questions are cropping up. One of the most pertinet was yesterdays AIG debacle. Obama is scrambling to assure Americans he is extremely aware of public outrage over taxpayer-backed bonuses for AIG executives.

AIG’s Ripoff of the US Taxpayer

Since we the taxpayers own approx 80% of AIG shouldn’t we have some say in their affairs. As 80% owners should we approve payouts of $450 million in bonuses for employees in the unit that lost $40.5 billion last year. These employees were responsible for the virtual capitulation of AIG. Just think how logical this is. These people destroyed not only a company and all the lives of people dedicated to the company’s success but now to reward them.

More Money Down the AIG Cash Drain

AIG was in the busines of writing derivative contracts and swaps. Last year this aspect of their business has put them at deaths doorstep. In the fall of last year AIG was saved from collapse with a package that grew to $150 billion of bailout money. It has not stopped with, now AIG is seeking another $30 billion in new capital. In conjunction to the firmג€™s third bailout they are seeking all debts to the FED be wiped out.