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andy-0101 My name in Andrew Abraham. I have been investing in commodities and managed futures since 1994. I adhere to the philosophy of trend following. Trend following stresses a disciplined approach to commodity/ futures trading. Successful trend following and commodity futures investing requires patience, discipline and actively managing the risk. What sets me apart from other traders is that I am not only concerned about the return on investment but how much risk I will have to tolerate to achieve my goals.

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If you are interested in contacting for speaking engagements. Please email me at or call 954 903 0638.

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Futures and commodity trading involve substantial risk. The evaluations of futures and commodities may fluctuate and as a result, clients may lose more than their original investment. In no event should the content of this website be construed as an express or an implied promise, guarantee or implication by, that you will profit, or that losses can or will be limited in any manner whatsoever. Past results are no indication of future performance. Information provided on this website is intended solely for informative purposes and is obtained from sources believed to be reliable. Information is in no way guaranteed. No guarantee of any kind is implied or possible, where projections of future conditions are attempted.



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The Resistance of the 200 Day Moving Average – Trend Following

As I have said many times…The 200 Day Moving Average is the line of delineation of bears and bulls. If the Nasdaq and SPY can get back above this level with some conviction & stay there there is a good chance we could be moving higher. Conversely, if not then lower prices are likely ahead. […]

Deflation Is Happening with Massive Debts

I have been trading commodities since 1994. I have never seen a period more concerning than now. Most of the time profits have been made on the long side of a trade. Most of the time shorts have not been overly profitable. More so, most CTAs Commodity trading advisors have gone through one of the […]

Paying your Dues when Trading & Commodity Trading

It is not just us mortal traders. It is PHDs and Noble Prize winners. Long-Term Capital Management L.P. was considered too clever to get caught in a market downdraft. The Greenwich (Conn.) hedge fund nearly tripled the money of its wealthy investors between its inception in March, 1994, and the end of 1997. Its sophisticated […]

Meet Ed Seykota in Person!!!

Meet Ed Seykota in Person!!! Meet Ed Seykota in Person!!! An experience of a lifetime to meet Ed Seykota personally. Every trendfollowers dream Tweet This Post 

Are we entering a Bear Market Now in the Stock Market?

There are always negatives and positives in the stock market. However I see more negatives. We have had 5 straight losses, institutional selling, strong sell off in the Russell yet defensive shares like Utilities are holding up. Watch this video in order to better your trading.. Tweet This Post 

Realities of Turtle Trading -Become a Market Wizard ( Trend Following Mentor)

Look for the kindle ebook on Turtle trading Tweet This Post 

The Death of Trend Following According to Ed Seykota

As most trend followers know, we are going through a tough period.However there are always tough periods. 2005 and 2006 were tough. As Ed Seykota is one of the founding fathers of trend following, I reread his Market Wizards interview with Jack Schwager often. Today I wanted to share Ed Seykota’s thoughts. Ed Seykota does […]

Having the Endurance to Trade for a Living & Trend Follow

I just returned from the Alphametrix conference in Florida. What struck me was a commodity trading advisor who now is managing in excess of $600 million dollars. When he started he only had a small trading account and to make matters worse was his first two years he was down -3% and the next year […]

Trade Your Personality When Trend Following

You can pick the markets and your time frame when you trend follow. When you trend follow one of the biggest issues is Trade you Personality… Do not take my word for it.. Ed Seykota, Market Wizards “Systems don’t need to be changed. The trick is for a trader to develop a system with which […]

Trend Following Ed Seykota’s Rules

Ed Seykota Quote 1: “Win or lose, everybody gets what they want out of the market. Some people seem to like to lose, so they win by losing money.” Ed Seykota Quote 2: “Fundamentals that you read about are typically useless as the market has already discounted the price, and I call them “funny-mentals”. However, […]