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andy-0101 My name in Andrew Abraham. I have been investing in commodities and managed futures since 1994. I adhere to the philosophy of trend following. Trend following stresses a disciplined approach to commodity/ futures trading. Successful trend following and commodity futures investing requires patience, discipline and actively managing the risk. What sets me apart from other traders is that I am not only concerned about the return on investment but how much risk I will have to tolerate to achieve my goals.

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If you are interested in contacting for speaking engagements. Please email me at or call 954 903 0638.

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Futures and commodity trading involve substantial risk. The evaluations of futures and commodities may fluctuate and as a result, clients may lose more than their original investment. In no event should the content of this website be construed as an express or an implied promise, guarantee or implication by, that you will profit, or that losses can or will be limited in any manner whatsoever. Past results are no indication of future performance. Information provided on this website is intended solely for informative purposes and is obtained from sources believed to be reliable. Information is in no way guaranteed. No guarantee of any kind is implied or possible, where projections of future conditions are attempted.



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I need $175 mm sent immediately! Oct 28th Edith O’Brien, an assistant treasurer at MF Global

“I need $175 mm sent immediately – Oct 28th Edith O’Brien, an assistant treasurer at MF Global As per the Wall Street Journal and Fox news.. On the morning of Oct. 28, according to people familiar with the matter, Ms. O’Brien received a call from Mr. Corzine, who asked her to resolve a problem: The […]

Chris Whalen: JPM and the Banks Have the MF Global Money And the Status Quo Is Protecting Them

This was a post from JESSE’S CAFÉ AMÉRICAIN. This Blog is correct. MF Global customers have been robbed twice. Where is the justice? Where are the laws to protect? “But please, to our friends in the Big Media, could we stop saying that we don’t know the location of the missing $1.6 billion of client […]

Is There a Criminal Element of MF Global?

An open letter to the Honorable Judge Glenn Honorable Judge Martin Glenn MF Global Debacle In order for full disclosure and in response to Trustee Giddens statement From Reuters article dated Feb 9th 2012 “Personnel may not have been immediately aware of” a developing shortfall in customer segregated funds during the final week of […]

MF Global Customers Getting Closer to Being Made Whole?

I had this piece emailed me this morning as well as an offer of now 87 cents versus…85…on the dollar last week. The recent discovery that MF Global’s reserve fund grew by 45% in January to USD 1.455bn could be a boon for the bankrupt broker dealer’s domestic customer claimants in their hunt to maximize […]

Rep. Grimm Asks CFTC Gensler Why the bankruptcy of MF Global was treated as a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Under the Securities Investor Protection Act?

Rep. Grimm Questions Regulators on MF Global Bankruptcy Decision Putting Victims at Disadvantage Against Big Banks Feb 2, 2012 Issues: Financial Services WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Rep. Michael G. Grimm (R-NY) sent a letter to CFTC Chair Gary Gensler questioning a bankruptcy decision made in a meeting that has disadvantaged MF Global customers in recovering […]

Letter from Senator Rubio Regarding MF Global

Somewhat of canned response, however I suggest all that have been impacted by MF Global contact their Senators and Congressmen/women. Senator Rubio states ‘ Concerns”…I would say OUTRAGE regarding the theft of our money from MF Global! Dear Mr. Abraham, Thank you for taking the time to write to me to express your concerns. I […]

MF Global Trustee Report

MF Global Inc.’s $1.2 billion in missing customer funds began to move out on Oct. 26 as the company’s computers and employees couldn’t keep up with margin calls and increased demands for collateral, according to a trustee who has traced where most of $105 billion in cash went during the company’s final days. You will […]

Stanley Haar Interview on Fox news Regarding MF Global

Stanley Haar gave a great interview on Fox news regarding the MF Global debacle. Want to thank Stanley for all of his great efforts! It is more than about time the truth comes out and all clients of MF Global get our money back. This is a disgrace that this has been allowed to occur […]

Commissioner Bart Chilton Statement Jan 11 Regarding MF Global

This is in lieu of the CTFC withholding information to as where client funds are located. It is shocking a Government organization can let monies be stolen in the USA in today’s times and make a statement as Commissioner Bart Chilton has made. Jill Sommers from the CFTC made a statement to Reuters that the […]

CME Duffy on CNBC regarding MF Global

Great Video from Duffy of the CME. MF Global has violated its customers. Our money is still missing! Where is Obama? Why hasn’t Obama said something about his good friend Jon Corzine????